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Meet the Host

Gary Bisbee, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO, Think Medium

Dr. Gary Bisbee’s leadership positions have spanned Wall Street, academia, health policy, and entrepreneurial ventures in the leadership development, information technology and medical supplier industries. He is Founder, Chairman and CEO of Think Medium, which personalizes insights for healthcare leaders through multiple digital mediums.

Gary is Co-Founder and formerly Chairman and CEO of The Health Management Academy which convenes executives of the largest health systems. He is published in healthcare policy, leadership and finance. His blog, Bisbee’s Brief, has been published weekly since 2011. He most recently co-authored, n=1: How the Uniqueness of Each Individual is Transforming Healthcare. His weekly podcast, Fireside Chat with Gary Bisbee, is found on Apple and other podcast platforms.

He holds an M.B.A. in finance from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and a Ph.D. in chronic disease epidemiology from Yale University, where his dissertation was part of the development of DRGs. His undergraduate degree is from North Central College. He is currently a member of the board of directors of Cerner Corporation, U.S. Radiology Services, The Health Management Academy and Think Medium.

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